E-invoice Enablement Status

IRIS IRP’s e-invoicing enablement status module allows you to determine your vendor’s e-invoicing compliance status. If a vendor does not issue e-invoices even after crossing the e-invoicing threshold, the recipient of such invoices becomes ineligible to collect ITC.

This checker helps you to identify whether or not your vendor is applicable to the e-invoicing mandate and if they are generating IRN timely.

Why is E-Invoicing Enablement Status important?

IRN Print

Any vendor who is covered under the e-invoice mandate, needs to print IRN on the invoices

Vendor Compliance

Vendor Compliance

You can check if your vendors are generating e-invoices

Auto GSTR 2B

Vendor GSTR 1 gets auto-populated with e-invoice data which is visible to you in GSTR 2B


Any vendor exempted from e-invoicing needs to declare the same on the invoice

Blocked ITC

If a vendor is non-compliant, it may affect your ITC claim

Risks & Penalties

Your own e-invoicing compliance is equally important

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IRIS IRP’s e-invoice applicability checker will help you to identify the e-invoice applicability of your vendors in minutes.

  1. Bulk Upload
  2. Source Agnostic
  3. Save Time
  4. Optimize ITC

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