E-Invoice Registration Portal - IRP 6

Powered by IRIS Business Services Ltd. for Goods and Services Tax Network

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E-Invoice Registration Portal

Powered by IRIS for GSTN

Stage Information Requested /Action Required Remarks
Onboarding Email of API user to Sign up

All communications relating to onboarding steps will be sent to this email id. API users are generally System /IT team users.

Organisation level common email IDs can also be used for sign-up. However, these IDs should be checked regularly for any communications from IRIS IRP

Onboarding GSTIN of your organisation

To get Sandbox access, basic verification of your organisation is done. You can use your organisation’s GSTIN. An OTP will be sent to the authorised signatory for this GSTIN.

Keep your authorised signatory informed so that OTP process can be completed

Sandbox Testing Adding Dummy GSTIN for testing Dummy GSTINs can be used to test API integration. As these are dummy GSTIN, default OTP can be used to complete the set-up. The default OTP is XXXXXX
Sandbox Testing Adding Live GSTIN for testing

  • Authorised Signatory Email
  • Authorised Signatory Mobile

If your clients require testing to be done using their actual GSTIN, you can do so.

OTP verification is needed to complete the addition of test GSTIN.

OTP will be sent to the Authorised Signatory

OTP verification to ensure the clients are informed about this action and their GSTIN is not misused by any API intermediary

Applying for Production Access Test cases

Submit the result of API testing as per the format prescribed.

Additional test cases, API payload and samples could

(add link to format)

Applying for Production Access KYC Documents

  • Organisation PAN
  • Certificate of Incorporation (for companies)
  • GST certificate
  • Website / Company Information
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use
Additional documents could be requested
Applying for Production Access Indian IPs for whitelisting Minimum 1 and maximum 4 IPs
Applying for Production Access SPOC details

  • Name
  • Number
  • Email
For Technical Integration and communication thereof
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