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Installing Excel utility/ Getting started with Excel utility

  • E-invoicing excel utility is a MS Excel based utility tool for generating e-invoices through IRIS IRP.
  • Excel Utility can be downloaded Post log in on IRIS IRP from Tools
  • To get started with this excel utility, user need to
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Sign Up on IRIS IRP Portal
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Add GSTIN on IRIS IRP or have access to already registered GSTIN on IRIS IRP
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Login to IRIS IRP and Download the Excel Utility from Tools

This utility has all fields as per the e-invoicing mandate. “IRISIRP E-invoice Excel Utility Input Format-Generate.xls” explains all the fields as per the schema and data expected against those fields. Refer “How to Read” worksheet for understanding remaining worksheets in the input format excel file.

E-invoicing Desktop Utility supports versions Excel 2007 and above.

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