E-Invoice Registration Portal - IRP 6

Powered by IRIS Business Services Ltd. for Goods and Services Tax Network

E-Invoice Registration Portal

Powered by IRIS for GSTN

All IRPs are mandated to take explicit consent from taxpayer for any value added services.

IRIS IRP portal will have complete consent suite to allow users to grant, revoke and update any consent.

Consent is at GSTIN level and can be initiated only after the GSTIN has been successfully onboarded on IRIS IRP. To know more about consent click here

IRIS IRP offers APIs for managing consent and solution providers can build consent process as part of their user journey.

PostGenerate OTP for ConsentSelect/Edit the consent and request OTP.
Request to generate/regenerate OTP can be done through this API
PostVerify OTP for ConsentOTP will be sent to primary authorised signatory of the GSTIN
OTP remains valid for 10 min
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