E-Invoice Registration Portal - IRP 6

Powered by IRIS Business Services Ltd. for Goods and Services Tax Network

E-Invoice Registration Portal

Powered by IRIS for GSTN

APIs for basic E-invoice operations. API Users can call core E-invoice APIs for a Taxpayer only if they have been authorised by the Taxpayer (Manage API access in the Onboarding Flow)

API List

PostAuthenticationObtain authorisation token for making all core E-invoice API calls 
PostGenerate IRN Generate IRN with or without EWB*
PostCancel IRNCancel generated IRN
GetGet IRNFetch E-invoice data using IRN
GetGet IRN By Document DetailsFetch E-invoice data using document number, date and type
PostGenerate EWB by IRN*Generate EWB subsequently using IRN
PostCancel EWB*Cancel EWB
GetGet EWB details by IRN *Get EWB by passing IRN
GetHealth APIHealth status of core E-invoice APIs
GetGet GSTIN DetailsGet Taxpayer details by GSTIN
GetSync GSTIN details from CPSync GSTIN details from Common Portal

*EWB core actions will be live post IRP – EWB integration

API flow

Overview of Core APIs


Generate IRN

Cancel IRN

Get by IRN

Get by Document Details

Health API

Get GSTIN Details

Sync GSTIN Details From CP

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