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E-Invoice Registration Portal

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Check Your GSTIN Enablement Status

GST Notification 17/2022 dated 01-08-2022 mandates e-invoicing for taxpayers having AATO above Rs. 10 crores in any financial year since FY 2017-18 w.e.f 1st October, 2022.

GST system has identified list of GSTINs who are eligible for e-invoice. So, first step, just check if your GSTIN is enabled for E-Invoice.

If your GSTIN is not enabled OR if you are exempt from E-Invoicing even after crossing the threshold, then update your status on GST system

Prepare Credentials for Account Creation

Email id or mobile number is required to create an account on IRIS IRP. All the communications will be sent on the said userid. Hence, it is suggested to use organisation level common email IDs for sign-up. However, these IDs should be checked regularly for any communications from IRIS IRP.

Checklist of GSTINs to be Added

Bulk of GSTINs can be added and managed from single userid on IRIS IRP. Prepare a list of GSTINs that are to be added. Also, multiple users can be assigned to different these GSTINs so added. So, list different users who can be assigned on different GSTINs.

Authorized Signatory Credentials

For each GSTIN to be added check the Authorized Signatory Email Id and Mobile number as reported on GST Portal is available and ensure if OTP sent on Authorized Signatory credentials can be discovered easily.

Choose the IRN Generation Method

For each GSTIN added, the taxpayers can choose to connect their ERPs via API Integration this can be done in three different ways.

  • Direct API access
  • Intermediary API access
  • Through Client id of other GSTIN

Know Your Requirements

IRIS IRP has a range of premium services to offer say

  • Data storage for more than 2days
  • Customized Invoice Print templates
  • Multi-users and access roles for GSTINs
  • Manage data sharing with recipients
  • View Purchase and Expense Invoices
  • Accounts payable and receivables management
  • Accounts payable and receivables monitoring
  • GST Return preparation
  • CFO Dashboards
  • Business Intelligence reports
  • Invoice financing options

User shall identify his requirements and can pick and choose any of the plan for his cart.

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