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E-Invoice Registration Portal

Powered by IRIS for GSTN


This functionality can be used to verify the signature and the content of the invoice by uploading the signed JSON file.

  • Upload the Signed JSON and click on Submit
  • Once a request for verification is submitted the system validates the uploaded JSON and pops up appropriate message, if there is any error
  • If correct Json is uploaded the system will display the Invoice verified successfully message showing Digitally Signed Invoice details.

The QR code usually contains important invoice details such as the GSTIN of the supplier and buyer, invoice number, date of invoice generation, invoice value, HSN code, unique invoice reference number and the digital signature of IRP

  • To Verify E-invoice upload QR Code and click on verify
  • Once a request for verification is submitted the system validates the QR Code and pops up appropriate message, if there is any error
  • If valid QR Code is provided, the system will display the message Invoice verified successfully message showing Digitally Signed Invoice details

Search GSTIN details: You can check GSTN of taxpayer details

  • The user needs to enter the GSTIN and click on the search button. After hitting on the search button user will get different attributes about entered GSTIN such as Trade name, Legal name, Address, Pin code etc. As shown in the screenshot above
  • Any change in GSTIN Details shall be reflected in one hour of change reflected on GST Portal

Search einvoice enablement status: User can check einvoice enablement status for any GSTIN.


  • For enabling GSTN for E invoice user has to go to NIC GST Portal:
  • Option to enable for einvoice is not available with any of the IRPs
  • Here, user can Enter GSTN and click on search
  • If correct details provided E-invoice details fetched successfully will appear else error while pop up

Find HSN/SAC code for your product or service by entering HSN/SAC number or Description

  • Minimum 3 characters required for description search, any special or alpha numeric values are also accepted in description search
  • 2 digit, 4-digit, 6-digit and 8-digit HSN / SAC code search can be done
  • Enter HSN/SAC code or Enter Description and click on search button
  • If valid HSN/SAC or Description provided, then search result will pop up

Know the masters for state, country, port, currency etc. This option helps taxpayer to view different master codes

List of master codes available:

  • State Codes
  • Country Codes
  • Port Codes
  • Currency Codes
  • UQC Codes
  • Tax Rates
  • Pin code

Desktop based utility for IRN Generate, cancel and manage all your E-invoice activities from your desktop using MS Excel.

All E-invoicing operations can be done once GSTINs are successfully registered on IRIS IRP. If user has not yet added GSTIN then user shall register additional GSTINs, go to Settings

When user opens the Excel Utility, user can prepare the data offline. However, to generate or cancel E-invoice user need to Login to IRIS IRP from Excel Utility only

  • E-invoicing Desktop Utility is MS-Excel based utility and supports versions Excel 2007 and above.
  • Download 32-bit or 64-bit version based on your system version
  • To check your system version
    1. Click the Start button, then choose Settings.
    2. Select System
    3. Choose About. Check the bit version on the System type field.
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