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E-Invoice Registration Portal

Powered by IRIS for GSTN

User Onboarding

Once User has logged in, the next flight to board is adding organization details. Taxpayer may add GSTIN details in two ways.

  • Where GSTIN is to be added for the first time, add GSTIN from landing page post login.
  • Where at least one GSTIN is already added and now new GSTIN is to be added. User can add the same from Settings> My GSTINs> Add GSTIN option.

Adding GSTIN information of any organization can be done in 5 steps.

User must add his valid GSTIN here. GSTIN added is passed through below validations

  • Status shall not be provisional, inactive or suspended.
  • GSTIN shall have einvoice generation status as yes.
  • Taxpayer type shall be Regular or SEZ Developer. Type other than regular and SEZ Developer are not eligible for E-Invoicing.

Note: Where taxpayer type is TCS, same can be registered only for reporting e-commerce transactions. And user has to declare the same in order to get registered.

Note: If Taxpayer wants to register for einvoice eligibility for the first time, same can be done only through Govt Portal/NIC –

  • Once user has added valid GSTIN the details of GSTIN as available on Govt Portal will get auto populated.
  • Taxpayer name will also get auto populated by IRIS IRP, which will be combination of Trade Name + State and where Trade name is not available it will be combination of Legal Name + state.
  • User can edit Taxpayer name which is auto populated

Note: Taxpayer name will be used in all the communications from IRIS IRP to address GSTIN being added.

  • In this step Email and Mobile of Authorized signatory as reported on GST Portal must be provided.
  • Details of Authorized signatory will be verified with GSTN by IRIS IRP.
  • Where details are found to be valid. User will be allowed to validate the same with OTP.
  • OTP will remain valid for 10 minutes.
  • User also has the option to trigger resend OTP, in case same is not received by the User.


  • Email and/or Mobile of Authorized signatory may be different from user Email/Mobile/User id. OTP will be sent to Email and Mobile of Authorized signatory.
  • Authorized signatory may or may not be registered with IRIS IRP. In case, where Authorized signatory is not registered with IRIS IRP – An email of Authorised signatory gets automatically registered with IRIS IRP post successful OTP verification obtained during this step. And such user also receives email with Log In credentials.

  • IRP Credentials will be needed for performing E-Invoice operations through IRIS IRP.
  • If you plan to do e-invoicing through your ERP, GSP or any solution provider, you must communicate these credentials to your solution provider and authorize them to carry out the E-Invoice operations.
  • IRP username – Shall be unique to the GSTIN. Maximum 15 characters are allowed to be added to IRP username. IRIS IRP provides suggestive username but same can be edited by user.
  • IRP Password: Shall have Minimum 8 and Maximum 16 characters, At least one character in uppercase and lowercase, At least one special character and At least one numeric value.
  • With setting IRP Credentials GSTIN details gets registered with IRIS IRP. Next two steps are optional.

Note: If OTP for any GSTIN is verified and taxpayer has failed to set IRP password, taxpayer can any time Add GSTIN details and set password directly without the need to verify OTP.

ERP, GSP or Solution provider can manage einvoice operations for any GSTIN only after authorisation by Taxpayer. Taxpayer can authorise one or more solution providers for API access.

Taxpayer can authorize solution providers in three different ways.


The list of available GSPs or ASPs or ERPs or others is shown in dropdown. User can select any one or multi select the Intermediaries for his respective GSTIN.


Where user has registered himself as API Integrator and now wants to use the same integration from Taxpayer Portal, such user can select direct integration.

Through Client Id

If user has credentials of API integrator, same can be used to enable API authorization. Details required for API authorization are valid Client Id and GSTIN of API Integrator.


To get access to many more features of E-Invoicing journey with IRIS IRP, consent is required.

Store – With Consent to Store user can access to E-Invoices for more than 2 days based on plan selected by User.

Share – With Consent to Share, E-Invoices generated by user can be accessed by Recipient provided Recipient has accepted consent to access shared invoices.

Access – Purchase and Expense E-Invoices can be viewed by user if supplier GSTIN has given consent to Share and Recipient GSTIN has accepted consent access to view these E-Invoices.

If user adds any one of the three consents, he will be covered under Value added services.

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