E-Invoice Registration Portal - IRP 6

Powered by IRIS Business Services Ltd. for Goods and Services Tax Network

E-Invoice Registration Portal

Powered by IRIS for GSTN

Solution providers who wish to provide full end-to-end experience to their clients can integrate onboarding APIs. These are VAS APIs of IRIS IRP. Unique credentials called Portal ID will be provided to access these VAS APIs.

List of APIs

PostPartner LoginAuthentication of API user (partner)
PostAdd UserCreating users on IRIS IRP via partner
PostGenerate OTPGet OTP to verify of GSTIN provided by user
PostVerify OTPConfirm OTP to complete GSTIN registration on IRIS IRP
PostSet IRP CredentialsDefine IRP credentials for the registered GSTIN. All E-invoice core API calls need GSTIN IRP credentials for authentication
PostManage API AccessAuthorise the API user to manage e-invoice operations via API user’s application

API flow

Overview of Core APIs


Generate IRN

Cancel IRN

Get by IRN

Get by Document Details

Health API

Get GSTIN Details

Sync GSTIN Details From CP